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A billion years after its original release, the good people of Morr Music have re-issued the first two Dump LPs. The first, Superpowerless, comes out tomorrow. It is available on vinyl for the first time ever, and has tons of bonus tracks, new liner notes, unearthed art and photos, and new art by me (and the AMAZING photorealistic cover painting by Sue Garner). I’m really happy about it.

new song  ”Cleveland”

Me and Tim Foljahn and Kendall Meade at Cake Shop 2/22/13

Come see me and my new haircut tonight at Cake Shop. 8pm doors.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!



Because the video in the last post does not seem to be working!

West Coast Tour Wrap-Up and Thank You!

The last few days of our tour were delightful!  We played a couple of small towns in northern California (Anderson and Red Bluff) thanks to Mr. Phil Dynan and his Red Bluff Art Gallery.  We also played Eugene (new to me)  and Portland, OR (only my 2nd show there).  There was truly something great (as well as unique) about each and every show we did on this tour, and as I mentioned in a tweet earlier this week, we played rock clubs, restaurants, galleries, living rooms and a library!

The people we met (as well as the old friends we got to visit), were so incredibly kind and generous with us.  Sometimes touring is hard (not enough people show up or it’s freezing or you really miss home or a million other things) but having these folks come out and actually give a shit about what you do, makes it all worthwhile.  So thank you to each and everyone one of you.  

I will close with a great clip of Chris and I playing “Always In Your Mind” at the Red Bluff Art Gallery.  You will get a glimpse of how much fun we had playing each night.  Thanks especially, to Chris Brokaw for being such a great pal and tour mate.

"Landmine" from the 2008 album Here With Me on Matador Records.  Performed live at the Red Bluff Art Gallery, in Red Bluff, CA 1/18/2013


Mississippi Records.


CB and the wall of records.

Long List

Self Portrait in Sacramento.

West Coast Tour Days 5-9.5

I’m sitting in a hotel lobby in Sacramento, CA.  We’ve had the luxury of doing nothing much today after our very early radio show this morning on Capital Public Radio (which is archived here if you’d like to hear it.)  Chris and I did the two songs that we have been playing together on the tour - “Hidden Hill” from my most recent record I Want What You Want and “Into The Woods” from his new record Gambler’s Ecstasy.


 We woke up in Fresno at 5:30am, drove to Sacramento, did the radio show and then convinced a Holiday Inn to let us check in at 11am.  Unheard of. We make the impossible possible.  Again and again.  More Mexican food ensued.  Naps and baths.  Rock. Life.

Yesterday we played in Fresno at a Basque restaurant.  Chris’ buddy Scott put us up and I made a really sweet new friend in his cat Stanley.  He pretty much climbed on me and didn’t leave.  I love him.


Before Fresno was Fullerton (thanks Isaac!) and San Diego (shout out to Cheryl & George, Matt H, Ghost Come Back, and Cari B!).  I had fun in SD  playing without a set list.  According to Jason (Stand Up Hippy) below is a setlist of what I played (I fixed the ones he didn’t know the titles to as they are new).  Check out his blog for a run-down of our LA, San Diego and Fullerton shows- Jason was at all 3 shows!  I found this particular tidbit interesting and I didn’t even know this myself.  He said, “By the time she set her guitar down in The Night Owl, I’d seen her perform a total of 38 songs and 29 of them had been different. She’d played 8 new titles: almost an album’s worth of new material.”  

Soda Bar, San Diego CA, 01/13/13
Daylight Out
All of Us Kids

The Color and the Light
Already Gone
The Road Ahead

Here With Me
Century Estates
Beg and Borrow Days
Change Your Life
Exeter, Rhode Island
Always In Your Mind – with Chris Brokaw
Hidden Hill – with Chris Brokaw

And just to correct his other set lists at Bootleg in LA the song he has listed as “Finally Find Out” is actually called, “Falling Feeling” (new one)and the song he has listed as “I’ve Got Something to Say to You” is actually a B-side from Over the Mountain called “Matches and Balloons” which is only available as a bonus track on the iTunes version.  The one listed as “I Know What You Are Doing” is called “Standing For Nobody” and is also new.

I’m swiping this pic from the Fullerton show from him cause I like it! (hope you don’t mind Jason) 


Another nice gentleman blogged up our LA day of shows and there are great photos and videos there for you to check out.  So do that here.

Last but not least we played a FANTASTIC house show in Merced CA put on by Downtown Life Magazine and the very nice Merced couple Jason and Sharlee Fragulia.  Great people, attentive audience, they live streamed the show AND I got to sleep in front of their fireplace.

We are really having a great time on this tour and we hope to do an east coast version sometime soon.  

5 more shows left. Come out if you are where we will be!

1/16 Sacramento CA Naked Coffee (1111 H Street location) 8pm, $5
1/17 Anderson, CA Woodside Grill 6pm FREE
1/18 Red Bluff, CA Red Bluff Art Gallery 7pm FREE
1/19 Eugene, OR Sam Bond’s Garage 9pm $7
1/20 Portland OR Mississippi Studios 8pm, $10adv/$12dos



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