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I Want What You Want is out TODAY!

Hello everybody! My new record “I Want What You Want” is out today! It is also my birthday and I can’t believe how happy it is making me that I have combined the two.


I will get to the point:

I love this record. It was hard to get to in a lot of ways, but I learned more about myself and music and friendship in the process of making it more than probably in any other time of my life. Endless thanks are due to Lyle Hysen, Tom Beajour, Tim Foljahn, Jon Langmead, Michael Brodlieb, Amy Bezunartea, Kendall Meade, Richard Baluyut, and Kirstin McCord. It feels extra good to be releasing a record that means so much to me on my own label Kiam.

The record is available for free online streaming at my Soundcloud page and on Spotify.

The record is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp (with a low minimum/pay what you wish option - and also high quality FLAC files.)

Finally, the record is available on limited edition, hand-numbered cd which will ship on Dec. 19 in time for Christmas. Numbers 1-28 have already been sold and there will be no more than 300-500 of these depending on how many orders we get in the coming weeks. Those that purchase the cd will also receive a unique download code for the music now in high quality files through Bandcamp. You can buy the ltd ed cd in the Kiam Store or on the Jennifer O’Connor site. (The new JO’C site has a store with everything, including t-shirts & totebags for $5.)

I really hope you enjoy the record and pass around the Soundcloud link, I’d really love for as many people as possible to hear this record. Oh, also I have handwritten lyrics posted on my new website here.

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