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Press for I Want What You Want 

We really like I Want What You Want, the new album by Jennifer O’Connor released this week on the singer-songwriter’s own label, Kiam. And we appreciate O’Connor’s scrappy, insightful songs even more considering how close I Want What You Want came to not existing..” The Onion A.V. Club

"Both bitingly frank and melodically gorgeous, I Want What You Want finds O’Connor taking the musical reins in the form of multiple guitar parts, bass, and even synth tracks.” Guitar World Interview

"O’Connor blends the negative feelings that can inspire someone to move on with her soothing vocals and strong guitar solos on her new track "Already Gone."
Rolling Stone

 ”…O’Connor released her last album, Here With Me, on Matador Records. That she’s never received the level attention of some of her former label mates seems like a failure of the greater music community and not her, as O’Connor’s songs are unfailingly moving, secretive and worth your time.”  NBC New York Interview

"…the musical, economical and emotional struggles ultimately produced her bustling fourth album I Want What You Want (out November 8 via her own Kiam imprint). The first single “Running Start” features O’Connor on bass, guitar and an especially colorful acid-washed synth part, singing a biting, one-sided conversation…” Village Voice

”..these songs and their tales of starting over, getting through adverse situations and figuring out what you want are all so good and relatable!” Pillow Fights & Boxing Tuesday


Press for Here With Me

 ”..full of brave and invigorating songs” Elle

"O’Connor’s greatest strength as a songwriter is her surgical choice of detail, her ability to render a moment both terribly personal and easily relatable by picking just the right minutia to focus on." - Pop Matters

"[O’Connor’s] unflinching lyrics and stunningly strong voice leap from distressing folk ballads to buzzing rock with ease. [Here With Me] peers into romance with the bittersweet dexterity of Elliott Smith and Aimee Mann"


"[Here With Me] is so understated, that it’s almost too easy to take for granted how good she is at what she does. Her lyrics are plainly stated yet indelibly scene-setting and moving. O’Connor moves through twelve songs of love and anguish with a grace that could be a detriment-though it would be the listeners’ loss if they ignored her because she makes fantastic songwriting look easy." -CMJ

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